Cool Cell Models

Below are just a few of the most popular sizes and models.  We have too many to list them all.  If you don’t see what you need please contact us for more options. We have been making our patented and trademarked Cool Cells for over 20 years and they have been installed all over the world.

“Tank Top” Series:

 The “Tank Top” series are small Cool Cells best suited for monoblock car size group 27 or group 29 batteries.  They are moderately priced for mild to hot climates without long duration hard freezing temperatures.

Tank Top Series




Standard Plenum Series:

The standard plenum series Cool Cells are sized for monoblock car size group 27 or group 29 batteries as well.  They perform well in all climates and weather conditions where subfreezing temperatures are common.  For extremely cold conditions a supplemental electric heater is recommended.  Pole mounts can be purchased with these as an option.

Small Plenum Series


CCRS-332430 (no tray)

CCRS-422638 (no tray)

CCRS-422638-1D (1 pull-out tray)

Large pull-out tray models of the plenum series provide convenient access for battery servicing.  A single battery tray has a 500 lb. capacity and can hold a 125 Ah 48 volt string or multiple strings of smaller batteries.

CCPSD-463850 (2 pull-out trays)

Large Plenum Series

CCPSD-803450 (4 pull-out trays)

CCPSD-803468 (6 pull-out trays)

Cool Cell enclosures fitted with fixed shelves for convenient access and service of front terminal battery strings.

CCPSD-603848-4FS (4 fixes shelves)

CCPSD-603864-6FS (6 fixed shelves)

Cool Cells with open floor space that accept ready made rack systems or other large modular batteries.

CCPSD-603864-NS (interior useable dimension 54″w x 24″d x 46″h)

CCPSD-664060-NS (interior useable dimension 60″w x 26″d x 42″h)

CCPSD-784864-NS (interior useable dimension 72″w x 34″d x 46″h)

CCPSD-924874-NS (interior useable dimension 90″w x 34″d x 58″h)

Cool Cells with integrated or add-on side box compartment for chargers or other electric equipment.

CCPSD-383466-2C (electronic compartment above battery Cool Cell)

CCPSD-623864-FSB (w/ full integrated ventilated side box)

CCPSD-804068-4S-SB (4 pull-out trays and add-on charger side box)

Electronic Equipment Cool Cells:

These enclosures are fitted with multiple cooling reservoirs and large or multiple radiators to absorb and dissipate high heat loads.  Equipment can be mounted in 19″ or 23″ racks or mounted directly to cold plates touching to the cooling reservoirs.