The Sundog—which lights a workstation or room by redirecting the sun’s light through a window into an area that needs illumination—allows you to both light a dark space with bright, full-spectrum sunlight and to reduce your electric bill.

The Sundog tracks the sun using the same canister technology found in our Track Racks. This simple but sophisticated system keeps the Sundog’s mirror aligned with the sun, reflecting full spectrum, electricity-free light into a home, office, classroom, or work space.



  • Mirror diameter (standard size) is 2′
  • Height is adjustable from approximately 2.5′ to 4′
  • Custom sizes available
  • Can be customized for mounting on side of a building and for multi-story buildings.


Price depends on the size of the unit and the number of units purchased.


Made to order. The time between date of order and date of shipment depends on the nature and number of products ordered.