Zomeworks specializes in bringing products from idea to the market place.  Our customer base ranges from the Off-Grid Home Owner to Public Utilities and Oil Companies.  The products are simple, cost effective, require minimal maintenance and most operate passively – no pumps, motors or outside power.

Cool Cell

COOL CELLS® are highly insulated, passively cooled outdoor battery enclosures and low power electronics enclosures.  Cool Cell battery boxes are well suited for critical applications at remote sites.


TRACK RACK Passive Solar Trackers, are cost-effective, reliable single axis trackers that use no external power to target the sun. Zomeworks Track Racks increase electrical output of photovoltaic modules by 25% or more compared to modules on fixed mounts.  Now with Alex-60


UNIVERSAL FIXED RACKS are made from modular components and are configured at order to fit the specific type and number of modules. Modular construction equates to greater economy and short lead times for prompt delivery. Now with Alex-60