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Solving Problems with Photovoltaic Water Pumping

Oregon Office of Energy


Some Oregon ranchers have found that solar-powered water pumping is a cost-effective way to give their cattle a drink.

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Solar-powered Livestock Watering Systems

National Center for Appropriate Technology

Remote or off-grid pumping (including solar, windmill, and generator-power) provides cost-effective livestock watering sources far from the utility grid.

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To Track… Or Not To Track

By Richard Perez

Home Power (#101 June/July 2004)

Trackers can increase your energy production from 25 to 40 percent annually. Home Power’s Richard Perez takes a look at the advantages and disadvantages or thermal and electrically operated trackers and highlights Zomeworks Track Racks™.

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Home Power (#131 June and July 2009)

by Justine Sanchez

PV array Systems and Performance

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The Southern Star: From Catastrophe to Inspiration

By Tom Lane

Following the devastation of Hurricane Andrew, Al Ford asked Energy Conservation Services of North Florida to develop a solar electric system to power his large Florida home in the event of another hurricane-caused grid failure. He also wanted to set a renewable energy example for others. His impressive system, featuring Zomeworks Track Racks™,will surely do both.

This article is available from Home Power (#70 April/May 1999, pp. 14-20)


SDG&E Solar Energy Project


San Diego Gas & Electric

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Sept. 2009 Rescue Green Magazine

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