Cool Cell®

Battery Enclosure – Electronic Enclosure

We have been making our patented and trademarked COOL CELLS® for over 20 years and they are installed all over the world. COOL CELLS® are highly insulated, passively cooled, outdoor enclosures that protect and prolong the life of various system components, including batteries and other low-power electronic equipment. This is accomplished via an internal water reservoir, connected to the radiator lid of the enclosure, that is recharged with cool water each night, in summer*. Cooled water modifies temperature fluctuations, thus protecting against both high and low temperature extremes.  This, in turn, preserves the life of the battery and ensures the reliability of sensitive electronic equipment. *In winter, ice in the reservoir prevents warm water from convecting to the radiator.

Summer Day

Summer Night

Winter Night

At night in summer, warmed water convects up to the enclosure’s radiator lid; it then cools and returns to the reservoir below. This action recharges the reservoir, and the enclosure is ready for another day of heat. In the winter, during freezing weather, this same reservoir of water releases 144 BTUs per pound as it freezes – enough heat to guard the enclosure from sub-freezing temperatures for several days in most climates.

Cool Cells:  The Basics

  • Standby Battery Cool Cell:   Our most common enclosures.  The cool water in the internal reservoir cools the air which, in turn, cools the batteries. The batteries in this Cool Cell must be charged to take over when electric power fails.
  • Electronic Cool Cell:  This Cool Cell enclosure houses electronics.  Electronics give off more heat and thus need not only air cooling but also direct cooling via a cold plate attached to the plenum.
  • Cycled Battery Cool Cell:  Batteries that cycle daily must dissipate considerable heat. The Cool Cell water reservoir touches the batteries directly for greater cooling efficiency, as opposed to cooling the air to cool the battery.

Cool Cell Advantages

1.  Cool Cells use NO electricity.

2.  Cool Cells have NO moving parts, other than pure water.

3.  Cool Cells require NO scheduled maintenance.

Cool Cell Features

All Zomeworks Cool Cell® enclosures feature:

  • 14-gauge, galvannealed steel
  • White acrylic enamel paint
  • Hinged-front door with lockable latch
  • Cool Cell® cooling system
  • H2Vent ™ Passive Hydrogen Ventilating System
  • 2″ Styrofoam R-10, with weather strip insulation
  • Pad mounting with bolt-down at corners (optional pole mounting)
  • 2″ conduit access
  • Ability to conform to NEMA 3R

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