July 2018: Price increase, effective immediately.

Much to our dismay, the cost of steel and aluminum has skyrocketed in recent weeks. Zomeworks has worked to hold down prices without any increases for two years. As it is for all of us in manufacturing, we can no longer absorb the sudden, recent change in the supply chain prices.


Trackers have seen several increases in component costs over the last two years that have not been reflected in our invoicing. This means that for some models, the prices have doubled. Below is the new price list for our Track Racks. These are retail prices; your quantity and dealer discounts would reduce the final amount.

UTR020           $1374

UTRK040         $1863

UTRF072         $3285

UTRF090         $5935

UTRF120         $6852

UTRF168         $8258

Tracker Options:

Extra Rail Kit                 $429

High Wind Kit (168)       $749

High Wind Kit (040)       $130

Fixed Racks:

Pricing for all models of Fixed Racks will increase from current retail levels by 22%. We are revamping our selection and pricing of Fixed Racks. All the same configurations and combinations will be available.

There exists the possibility that the sudden application of tariffs will be reversed. In that event we will recalculate these prices.

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